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how can i disable the mouse events?

i want to use very simple mouse events on meshes and slices of a volume and use some ajax-calls there so the integrated events are not needed.

how can i disable the progress bar?

i've read it somewhere...

is there any kind of reference where i can see what commands are available?

the xtk library

thanks in advance

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the interactor as well as the renderer have config options

var r = X.renderer3D();
// to disable the progress bar
r.config.PROGRESSBAR_ENABLED = false;
r.init(); // the r.init creates the interactor

// to disable the mouse wheel interaction
r.interactor.config.MOUSEWHEEL_ENABLED = false;
// to disable mouse clicks
r.interactor.config.MOUSECLICKS_ENABLED = false;
// init the interactor again

To get information on the API, visit http://api.goXTK.com. Unfortunately, the current API doc does not cover everything (f.e. the config options). So, look at the documented sources here: https://github.com/xtk/X/blob/master/io/interactor.js#L189

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