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I'm creating a map with basemap and would like to put a graph in the same figure. Until now I did this:

m = Basemap(projection='merc',llcrnrlat=-32.5,urcrnrlat=-10,llcrnrlon=-57.5,urcrnrlon=-40,lat_ts=20,resolution='c')
x, y = m(lon, lat) # compute map proj coordinates.
parallels = np.arange(-50.,20,5.)
meridians = np.arange(-90.,0.,5.)
pyl.title(nomvar + ' cp ' + str(i+1) + '   v.e. %5.2f' % varexp[i])
pyl.savefig(dir_pro+projeto+arquivo + '_cp%3.3i' % (i+1) + '.png')   
pyl.title(nomvar + ' cp ' + str(i+1) + '   v.e. %5.2f' % varexp[i])
pyl.savefig(dir_pro+projeto+arquivo + '_fs%3.3i' % (i+1) + '.png')   

But in this way I have two figures, and I would like to put both (graph and map) in the same figure Is there any way to adjust the map and graph position and obtain this? Thanks!

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I might be misunderstanding your question but you can use subplot() in matplotlib to produce multiple plots on the same figure.

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Did you try using m.plot() instead of pyl.plot()? (and no clf() in between)

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