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Is there any way (tool, library, etc.) to log all the actionscript function calls at runtime in a SWF created from Flash Professional? I often inherit projects, and want to more easily analyze and understand their operation. Profiling be nice too.

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Logging all calls will probably not help much, because if there are many "small" items involved (i.e. cells in a list, nodes in a tree, particles in a particle engine, enemies in a game, etc. etc.) the log files will clutter up with repetition and soon grow to a size where the sheer amount of information will make learning about the functionality a slow, tedious and painful task.

It is more useful to use a profiler to manage dependencies, memory etc., and use a debugger to step through the code, and/or set breakpoints at interesting points and navigate deeper into the architecture from there.

FDT has a great profiler and debugger. And as a free tool, Monster Debugger is quite good.

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You can try Show method entry and Show method exit in SWFWire Debugger. It also offers some profiling. You can also track object creation and destruction, and memory usage.

enter image description here

Disclaimer: I wrote this app

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This looks really promising... Too bad it doesn't work with SWFs inside an HTML page - you can't debug much enterprise code without session cookies. :( – weltraumpirat Jun 6 '12 at 22:21

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