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If you were given a web project from your manager to implement and you were given free choice as to what technologies to use?

I know alot of companies have their standard technologies that they use and are very against trying out new things

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Personally I'd use the framework I'm most familiar with, which is Tomcat, JSP and my own (Inon) application development framework. Not because it's the most technologically advanced or the most interesting, but because I know it intimately and I would be able to get results quickest with it.

The reason companies tend to stick with what they know is that they have a big investment in developer skills, often a library of existing apps and components built in one platform, and a high future maintenance cost to take into account. If they can keep their team focused on one framework the investment will get the highest return and the future costs will be kept lower.

Not ideal if you're a developer wanting to expand your skills and try the latest stuff - the benefit of keeping their programmers motivated is also a valid consideration for a company to factor in - but usually the tipping point for the company is different from the tipping point for the individual.

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before time for technology selection comes, people usually define requirements and measure team skills

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Depends entirely on the intended product and its audience. What's the product? Who's it for?

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Do you have already a team? If yes you might check what technologies they are strong.

Do you need to connect to other system? If yes you might check some compatibilities because some technologies require more effort to connect.

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This has been discussed before.

The most important consideration is what technology you team is skilled at delivering projects in. Then consider what technologies might support your specific project goals most efficiently.

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Please link to the previous discussion. –  Greg Ogle Sep 20 '08 at 17:17

If I were given a free choice, it would most likely be what I am most proficient in, so ASP.NET C#, basically MS Technologies.

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