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So, i've key and cert file which are using without problem with CURL.

curl -k --key key --cert cert --url myurl

No problem with it. Buf if test connection with openssl s_client i've error 19 self-signed cert in chain.

openssl s_client -key key -cert cert -connect myurl:443

So, seems openssl must have alternative option '-k' of curl which means insecure, allow connections to SSL sites without certs (H). Somebody knows it?

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curl will simply not make the connection at all without -k if the certificate isn't trusted.

In contrast, openssl s_client will make the connection anyway, but will display a warning if the certificate isn't trusted. (You would have to specify a list of trusted CA certificates using -CApath or -CAfile to get rid of that warning.)

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Thank's for explanation. –  Reddy May 31 '12 at 16:06

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