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The output from tree classification by package tree of a class target field with several class values looks like this:

      30-39     40-49     50-59     60plus       to29
1 0.1723497 0.2145071 0.5151891 0.02588345 0.07207068
2 0.1451786 0.1370050 0.2740099 0.32061886 0.12318770
4 0.1723497 0.2145071 0.5151891 0.02588345 0.07207068

But I want the result to be in the way:

1  50-59
2  60plus
4  50-59

Are there any implemented functions (I have not found any) that will provide this output automatically or do I have to write an R function?

This function has to fetch the max value of each line, get the index of the matched value in this line and then provide the age class of this index, like 60plus.

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ok your edit changes things...where do the ** come fro are they in the data? and only around random data pints in different columns? – user1317221_G May 31 '12 at 15:26
hi, I used the "**" only for formatting reasons in order to sign the max value of each line. I thought, this would make the font bold... Please ignore them. Stefan – Stefan May 31 '12 at 15:31
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In the predict function there is a parameter called type. It defines the type of output you want for the prediction.

Just do

predict(treeobject, type="class")

And you will get the class of higher probability.

See the reference manual for further informations. (predict.tree function)

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hi João Daniel, thank you very much! That was all I needed! If it would be only always as easy as this... ;-) regards, Stefan – Stefan May 31 '12 at 15:38

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