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I have an accordion to create, rename and delete folders. In the rename and delete I have a dropdown with a list of the folders that were created. So when I create a folder it does an ajax call to create a folder, however when I go back to the rename or delete I want to see the updated folders. I have an ajax method to retrieve the list but I am not sure how to call the load function.

I tried

        change: function(event, ui){
                var clicked = $(this).find('.ui-state-active').attr('id');
                $('#'+clicked).load("serveresource method");

from one of the posts in jQuery Accordion and loading content through AJAX When I tried to alert the clicked value it is undefined, not sure what should be in it. Any help wpuld be appreciated.

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You can do something like this..

        var clicked =$('#accordion').find('.ui-state-active').attr('id');
        $('#'+clicked).load("serveresource method");

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