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After following the tutorial on the propel website and executing the following 2 command without error:

./propel-gen om
./propel-gen sql

I tried:

./propel-gen convert-conf

The following error occurs.

django@ubuntu{~/www/propel/addons/schema} (propel *+)$ ./propel-gen convert-conf
Buildfile: /home/django/www/propel/addons/schema/Propel/generator/build.xml

propel-project-builder > check-project-or-dir-set:
propel-project-builder > check-project-set:
propel-project-builder > set-project-dir:
propel-project-builder > check-buildprops-exists:
propel-project-builder > check-buildprops-for-propel-gen:
propel-project-builder > check-buildprops:
propel-project-builder > configure:
     [echo] Loading project-specific props from /home/django/www/propel/addons/schema/
 [property] Loading /home/django/www/propel/addons/schema/

propel-project-builder > convert-conf:

    [phing] Calling Buildfile '/home/django/www/propel/addons/schema/Propel/generator/build-propel.xml' with target 'convert-conf'
 [property] Loading /media/SuperFast/www/propel/addons/schema/Propel/generator/./

propel > convert-conf:

     [echo] +------------------------------------------+
     [echo] |                                          |
     [echo] | Converting runtime config file to an     |
     [echo] | array dump for improved performance.     |
     [echo] |                                          |
     [echo] +------------------------------------------+
**Execution of target "convert-conf" failed for the following reason: /home/django/www/propel/addons/schema/Propel/generator/build-propel.xml:569:20: No valid xmlConfFile specified.
    [phing] /home/django/www/propel/addons/schema/Propel/generator/build-propel.xml:569:20: No valid xmlConfFile specified.**


Total time: 0.2250 seconds

This is my And here more outputs of my different tries:

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Just rename your file runtime.conf.xml to runtime-conf.xml which is the expected filename ;)

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