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I've narrowed it down to when I have a route added:

/{userid} Application.blah

Within the function (Application.blah), I thought I handled it by using notFoundIfNull(user)

My issue is whenever I enter a random URL into the website, I just get back the text "not found" in the production environment instead of the rendered 404.html page

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did you created your own 404/500 pages or customized the existing ones? This should work in PROD mode... –  adis Jun 1 '12 at 22:26
What is Accept: header of the request that generates 404? If it is different than text/html and some other variations, it may try to render 404.tag instead of 404.html. –  Umut Benzer Aug 6 '12 at 8:30

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Hmm, Using this inside controllers.Application.java:

public static void blah (String userid)
    User test=null;
        test = User.findById(userid);
    } catch(Exception e)
        //lookup exception!

With my route.conf containing this:

GET     /{userid}           Application.blah

I was able to view my /apps/views/errors/404.html which contained this:

#{if !play.mode.name() == 'DEV'}
  ...insert production 404 here...

If your format matches this then the issue may be something with what you're calling in the production 404. With my 403 page I found that if I call ${response.reason}, it rendered the whole page with just my 403 response as mentioned here: How do I obtain the 'reason' for a forbidden()?. Good luck!

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