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I am having capture graph application which captures mp4 capture video , i want to use GMFbridge in that, i build my graph as below

First Graph

Video Source --> x264vfw - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Codec -->  GMFBridge Sink Filter -->

Second Graph

 --> GMF Source Filter -->  GDCL Mux --> Filter Writer

All filters are get connected as per above graph , but when i call BridgeGraph method of GMFBridge to connect two graphs , it is giving me

error : A subscription cannot be stored unless its event class already exists any idea

is there anything wrong with this combination should i use different combination?? or there's some other issue??

Please Help me...


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Issue is resolved , i was rendering only video stream and i added control for both audio and video stream for GMFBridge Controller , so i removed stream for audio and my issue is resolved.

Whoever have this issue , please crosscheck that your application is redering the stream which is added using m_pBridge.AddStream() method ,

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