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I am testing rails applications with the new MS SQL 2012 server. Installed it on a new Win 2008 R2 test system. Installed Rails 3.1, Ruby 1.9.1 with all necessary stuff to connect MS SQL server.

When you configure the connection to a new SQL 2012 you can't connect, because the tinyTDS driver returns not supported platform.

The defintion is here:


Line 169:    SUPPORTED_VERSIONS          = [2005,2008,2010,2011].freeze

So first I wonder why there are 2010 and 2011 record inside. Those sql versions don't exists as far as I know :).

So I change the line to:

Line 169:    SUPPORTED_VERSIONS          = [2005,2008,2012].freeze

Then I started a rails console, it worked. I run some db migrations so far and everything looks well.

So does anybody know ANY problems running this setup?

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This is fixed in the latest versions of the adapter.

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Saw it meanwhile, too, but thanks for answer. I ran my modifications wihtout any problems and added also a client.execute("SET TEXTSIZE 2147483647").do to get more then 1024 chars from varchar(max) content :) – YvesR Aug 9 '12 at 15:02

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