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I have a Tabel with Buttons, 9 rows and 5 columns -> 45 Buttons. Each Button sould have the properties: row, week, time, day, name, description, colour, room. What is the best way for the storage? Do I have to use the complicated SQLite, or is there a easier solution? I'm new in Android, therefore SQLite is not easy for me.

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Personally I would take some time to implement a ContentProvider and use a SQLite db... However, you can use a lot of different approaches, you can save all your information in a private file (so you can format them as you wish) or use the SharedPreferences mechanism.

You should have a look here to read about the different methods

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Thanks, I will take a lokk to the SQLite db. –  user1390816 May 31 '12 at 17:12

Assuming that it is static set of 45 buttons and does not require permanent persistence. There are two days you can solve it

  • Extend Button class and define the properties you need
  • Use setTag to store carry in-memory data objects along with view objects. So in your case create a Bundle object for each button and store it in the button view with setTag.
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It should be persistence, even after update the app. Thanks –  user1390816 May 31 '12 at 17:15

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