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I'm probably not finding the right search words, but I can't find out how to get the version number of a static (or dynamic ) lib without writing a program. Surely there must be a unix application to do this (with equivalent on os x). (I tried the finder info, and it told me that .a files are files to be opened by text wrangler!).


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A static lib is just an archive of object files; it doesn't have an implicit version number. Many libraries will have an explicit version number, some symbol like FOO_VERSION_ with contents "1.2.3", but there's obviously no generic way to find any such symbols.

Dynamic libs are a different story. They have two version numbers, "current" and "compatibility". See the manpage for otool, but you can easily parse whichever one you want out of the -l (in the LC_ID_DYLIB command) or -L output (look for the library's own name).

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