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This is a linear algebra question which i am expected to understand before i can start tackling 2D and 3D programming. I am a business application programmer but i am exploring an interest in game programming. I realise that this maybe a simple question to some, so please bear with me.

The line L passes through the points P1 (3, -1, 2) and P2 (1, -2, -1). Determine the point of intersection of L in the xy- plane.

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Okay using those two points you can find the equation of a line (google finding the equation of a line in 3d) from that point on you can equate the equation of a line and the equation of the xy-plane to figure out their intersection (google finding intersection of two planes in 3D).

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You can use the z-coordinate of the line as the independent variable, and use the two points to get the formula for the x- and y- coordinates in terms of z.

First, we define the slopes:


Then we have that:




Setting z to 0 and solving for x and y, we get

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The equation of the Z-plane is z = k. So now you can put the value of z into the parametric equations of the 3D Line and further you will find both X and Y.

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