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Is there a way to ensure that a given before_save callback is executed after all other before_save callbacks in ActiveRecord short of actually ordering them so in the code?

I'm writing an external library that includes some before_save functionality but in order to be effective it really needs to be called after all others. I can get around it but it involves giving up dirty attributes which I really don't want to!

-- edit --

I didn't realise in this that dirty attributes are maintained after the save of the model. So @page.attribute_was will still work after the yield in an around_save.

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You could make the callback you want executed last an around_save callback. Check out the list of available callbacks and see if you can simply use a different callback "bucket" for some of your callbacks to ensure they are executed in the desired order.

If you still end up with multiple before_save callbacks and need one to trigger last, you may want to create custom callbacks, like maybe define_model_callbacks :split_save, registering your regular before_save callbacks as before_split_save callbacks, the one you want executed last as a after_split_save callback, and then just a single before_save callback that runs those two groups of callbacks (run_callbacks :split_save). See ActiveModel::Callbacks for more on how to do this.

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Thanks Carl. I had tried using an around_save and putting my code before the yield, however some before_saves were still being called after it. I couldn't work it out. I'll definitely have a look at ActiveModel::Callbacks tomorrow and report back. –  John H Jun 1 '12 at 0:31
@JonHope yeah, I've never actually used around_save. Looking at the docs it appears it should always fire after before_save callbacks, but "around" callbacks work a bit different so I may have misunderstood. Might want to try making all the callbacks except the one you want executed last into after_validation callbacks, leaving the last one a before_save. Custom callbacks will work too, but after_validation might save you effort. –  Carl Zulauf Jun 1 '12 at 6:21
Thanks Carl. Unfortunately I can't use custom callbacks because I need the gem to be a drop-in solution, I can't make people change their callback code. My train of thought is to find the array of callbacks and manually add mine to the end before the object gets saved. Is this a goer? –  John H Jun 7 '12 at 11:36

So this was to get around giving up dirty attributes by using ordered before_<type> callbacks instead of after_<type> callbacks, since dirty attributes changes get wiped after saving.

It turns out, however, that the changes are still accessible in after_<type> callbacks.

I only worked this out after trawling through Vestal Versions code to see how they did it.


I'm accepting Carl's answer because it's a pretty complete answer to the rather badly presented question.

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