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I'm trying to install platform-tools and other support packages to develop Android application using with Eclipse.

But I got this scene at Android SDK Manager. I can't see any "not installed" package like platform-tools , API , etc..

Any idea? Thanks.


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Make sure that tools->settings->force https... is checked, check android sdk tools, then the install button will be enabled, now install 1 package (restart sdk manager)and after that other sdks will appear. (dont forget to close eclipse, and disable your antivirus while doing that) . this worked for me!

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thanks, it solved my problem. – ersentekin Jan 5 '13 at 9:25

Run SDK Manager as an Administrator.


  • Right Click on SDK Manager
  • select run as an Administrator
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  • open sdk manager -> click tools -> options -> clear cache ->close
  • click packages -> reload
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I have the same problem when my computer is connected to the Internet through the company proxy server. The only solution I found is to connect computer directly to the Internet, without proxy.

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