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I train in the creation of programs for the iPhone using MFMailComposeViewController. However, an error occurs when compiling:

Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
   "_OBJC_CLASS_ $ _MFMailComposeViewController", Referenced from:
       objc-class-ref in ViewController.o
ld: symbol (s) not found for architecture i386
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use-v to see invocation)

Please help, what is it? And how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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You must add the MessageUI.framework framework to you project.

Here's how you do it:

  • Select the project in the project navigator sidebar.
  • Click on the "Build Phases" tab.
  • Expand the "Link Binary With Libraries" section.
  • Click the '+' button.
  • Choose 'MessageUI.framework' from the list. (You can use the search box to find it).
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Thank you earned! –  Denis Vorobyov May 31 '12 at 18:12

You likely do not have the necessary imports:


How you add them can be found here importing framework

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If I'd know about that link I could saved myself a lot of typing! –  idz May 31 '12 at 17:49
Yeah I didn't want to type it all out either –  rooster117 May 31 '12 at 17:56
Thank you earned! –  Denis Vorobyov May 31 '12 at 18:11

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