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I seem to be getting an error message in visual studio saying

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: input

when I try doing Match BirthYear2 = Regex.Match(, BirthPattern2);

I was wondering it was possible to allow the Match function to produce a null? Basically, I dont mind if the doesnt contain the expression

Thank you

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Are you sure is not null? – Mike Christensen May 31 '12 at 17:45

In your case, Regex.Match is not producing a null, you are passing it a null as its first parameter.

Exceptions: ArgumentNullException - input or pattern is null.

If you would like to make null inputs valid, you could change your call as follows:

Match BirthYear2 = Regex.Match( ?? "", BirthPattern2);

This will return with no match (assuming that BirthPattern2 does not match empty strings) when is null, rather than throwing an exception.

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The most likely issue here is that is null. Regex.Match won't throw an exception if the pattern isn't found, but will throw the exception you're seeing if the input is null.

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Just check if the value is null before you do your match. Done. Or, am I missing something? Another option, I guess is you could do: ?? "". That will treat a null as an empty string which (hopefully) your pattern would not match.

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Before accessing all that property chain, you'll need to check if no object in the chain is null.

if(kvpInd2 != null && kvpInd2.Value != null && kvpInd2.Value.birth != null &&!= null) {
    Match BirthYear2 = Regex.Match(, BirthPattern2);
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