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Can someone suggest tools that can be used to create an ER diagram (using an SQLite database)? I have been using Smart draw but it has unfortunately expired. If anyone can suggest any way of using a crack of smart draw or any other technique please help.

I want a tool that is:

  1. free of charge
  2. should not have watermarks on output
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This link got me this result and this result. –  swasheck May 31 '12 at 18:05
Duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/2584149/… –  Sualeh Fatehi May 9 '13 at 0:11

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This forum is a place where professionals and enthusiasts aid one another in solving programming related problems. We are not here to help you exploit software for personal gain. If people didn't pay for software or software related services--I wouldn't have a job.

The answer to this question is buy a copy at SmartDraw. If you like it and rely on it, reward the developers/companies effort by purchasing it.

If you dont have the means to purchase the software you are demoing, search google for a freeware alternative. A quick google search with "smartdraw + freeware + alternative" returned this.


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I use Dia. It's cross platform, but not as feature rich as some commercial packages - definitely not as rich as SmartDraw. OTOH, it's simple, and you can really easyily extend it yourself - it's open source, its file format is quite comprehensible, so you can easily develop and add both stencils and import/export plugins to it.

There are quite a few extension projects for Dia available, only not many of them are well maintained. Dia's development isn't very dynamic either - which is IMO a good thing - seemingly Dia (for now) managed to escape the vicious spiral which transforms every nice app into bloatware.

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