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With help of others stackers I converted this Excel formula


into this javascript formula (given that G15=1.325%, B15=importe and H=plazo):

(importe * 0.01325) / (1 - (Math.pow((1 + importe), -plazo) ) );

Now, when in excel and javascript I calculate importe=10000 and plazo=144, in excel I get 155.93 and in javascript I get 132.5

I've been over this and lots of other formulas too much and there may be some silly mistake but I can't see... like reading a misspelled word you wrote and not spotting the typo.

Thanks in advance

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There was a answer which I tried to select as the correct one but it's gone don't know why. The answer was that I was using "importe" for both G15 and G15 –  Juan May 31 '12 at 18:24
@Juan - the answer was deleted by the owner PitaJ. I don't have un-delete options, but if that was the solution, you can answer the question yourself. –  jvenema May 31 '12 at 18:31
@jvenema I know I can answer myswlf but I want to give credit to PitaJ so I'll wait if s/he posts it again and if not I'll answer it. –  Juan May 31 '12 at 18:33

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This is your desired calculation:
and instead of using your example of converted code:
(importe * 0.01325) / (1 - (Math.pow((1 + importe), -plazo) ) ) that is equivalent of:


so your formula should be:

(0.01325 * importe) / (1 - (Math.pow((1 + 0.01325), -plazo)));

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Try putting parentheses around the G15*B15 in your excel formula and see if the answers match or not.

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10001 ^ -144 = 9.857038937816808015251426789861755167080725836 × 10^-577

The result can't be representated correctly and will be "truncated" to 0. 132.5 equals to (importe * 0.01325)

The Complete Javascript Number Reference

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