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The hildon.Seekbar widget consists of a scale widget and two buttons. What signals does the widget send when the buttons are clicked or how could I find out? Is there a way to monitor all signals/events that a widget sends in PyGTK?

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The documentation you linked to shows this:

seekbar.connect("value-changed", control_changed, label)
seekbar.connect("notify::fraction", fraction_changed, label)

So it seems it has (at least) two signals called "value-changed" and "notify::fraction". It also shows an inheritance diagram that tells you that the Seekbar inherits the standard GTK+ Scale widget, which is where the first signal comes from (by further inheritance).

Not sure where the "notify::fraction" signal comes from, though.

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Not sure about the differences between the two signals but in any case it seems that these signals are triggered when clicking the buttons. I misunderstood the meaning of the buttons to be "next"/"previous" song buttons but instead they're just seek buttons for the bar. – Mikko Rantanen Jul 15 '09 at 18:47

gobjects have a way of notifying about property changes and it does this with signals. So connecting to notify::property gets you changes to property.

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