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I'm testing some base.js (dean edwards base.js) code and want to test that some base function gets called with specific args. Our testing stack looks like js code, qunit, sinon. For example, I have:

var Foo = Base.extend({
    constructor: function () {
        //do constructor stuff
    render: function (config) {
        config = config || {};

        //do rendery stuff with specified config

var Bar = Foo.extend({
    render: function () {
        config = {a: 'a', b: 'b'};

var b = (new Bar()).render();

So in the example above, I create a new instance of "Bar" and call the render method. The Bar render method specifies some config and passes that to the parent render method. Is there any way (using sinon.js) to spy on that base render call? I would typically do something like:

sinon.spy(b, 'render')

but that only gets me the initial call to render.

Thanks for any advice!

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possible duplicate of Sinon Stub/Spy Using WithArgs Not Behaving As Expected –  Paul Sweatte Apr 30 at 18:13
Thanks @PaulSweatte, but I don't think the issues are related. I think my issue is more related to the specifics of testing base.js classes, rather than an issue with sinon. –  Greg May 1 at 18:43
Dean Edwards code was thoroughly explained by John Resig and its own documentation. Sinon works with other classical inheritance implementations such as ember and backbone, so I don't see why it wouldn't work in this instance. –  Paul Sweatte May 1 at 18:59

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