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I'm using Chrome (Version 19.0.1084.46). I enabled the Gamepad API in chrome://flags. I plugged in some game pads, but navigator.webkitGamepads is always an array of length 4 containing only undefined.

  0: undefined
  1: undefined
  2: undefined
  3: undefined
  length: 4
  __proto__: GamepadList

What do I need to do to test out using gamepads? I'm on Ubuntu Linux if that matters.

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I was finally able to get it to work using Chrome 21, and like Matt says, remember to press a button when the page loads. – Daniel X Moore Sep 4 '12 at 23:57
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I was having trouble with this as well (on Ubuntu 10.04 with Chrome 21.0.1163.0 dev). I ran across this from a thread on chromium-discussions:

Note that you need to press a face button on the gamepad before data will be available. This is due to fingerprinting concerns.

I wrote a quick test page that seems to work if you hold a controller button down while refreshing the page. I'm using a Gamestop-branded Xbox 360 wired controller with the xboxdrv driver.

Also, one other important thing to note - Chrome treats these Gamepad objects like snapshots of the controller state. So if you pass around the actual Gamepad object, you'll never get updated information. Chrome seems to only poll the controller when you call the navigator.webkitGamepads[x] getter (see line 23 in my test page).

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This didn't work for me but maybe it helps you? Pulled from here.

function updateStatus() {

    var gamepads = navigator.webkitGamepads;

    var data = '';
    for (var padindex = 0; padindex < gamepads.length; ++padindex)
        var pad = gamepads[padindex];
        if (!pad) continue;
        data += '<pre>' + pad.index + ": " + + "<br/>";
        for (var i = 0; i < pad.buttons.length; ++i)
            data += "button" + i + ": " + pad.buttons[i] + "<br/>";
        for (var i = 0; i < pad.axes.length; ++i)
            data += "axis" + i + ": " + pad.axes[i] + "<br/>";
    document.body.innerHTML = data;


Or as a hard alternative, there's the Javascript Joystick Plug-in (demo here) but I don't think that works in Linux.

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navigator.webkitGetGamepads(); works, not navigator.webkitGamepads; ! – nvrandow Mar 13 '14 at 15:06

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