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Here is my x_steps.rb:

Given "I upload an image" do
click_button "Save Changes"

And the line from my x.feature file:

When I go to Upload page
When I upload an image

And here is the html for the input form/field

<form action="/en/upload/" method="post" id="main_form">
<input multiple="multiple" type="file name="file">

Upon running Selenium goes to the Upload page and may or may not attach the file. But the line attach_file('file','image.png') causes a redirect to file:///image.png. Then the click_button causes an error because there is no button on the page anymore.

Does anyone know whats going on? Also are there any alternatives to uploading files?

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type="file Is missing a closing " quote. –  etusm Jul 23 '14 at 18:33

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