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I'm using Zend Framework for an MVC application.

When I need the base Url in the view, it always returns "" (empty string); In my controllers, if I use $this->getRequest()->getBaseUrl(), it returns the correct base Url.

In example, I use the development application environment through index.dev.php (production is index.php); In production, I expect all my URLs to start with "" as baseUrl, but in development environment, using index.dev.php, I expect all my URLs to start with "/index.dev.php".

As I say before, the view's baseUrl() helper returns an empty string, even in development environment. But using $this->getRequest()->getBaseUrl() in the same environment, returns the correct base URL.

To solve this, I changed all my view's $this->baseUrl() calls to $this->baseUrl, and I defined this view variable in a custom base controller class. But this is not the solution I expect.

This is a modular application, and I am using routes, added in Bootstrap time like this:

protected function _initRoutes(){

    $objFrontController = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance();
    $objRouter = $objFrontController->getRouter();

    $arrAppRoutes = Service_Route::getAllActiveApplicationRoutes();

    if( is_array($arrAppRoutes) && count($arrAppRoutes) > 0 ){


        // Add the default routes in the end

These routes are all instance of Zend_Controller_Router_Route class, and when I use them in the view like this: $this->url(array(), 'admin_dashboard');, the baseUrl is correct always (even before using the baseUrl view var solution).

If someone knows about this, please help. If you need more info about my application setup, I'll provide it as much as I can.


Actually, there seems to be a problem: The empty string baseUrl, works fine including JS and CSS scripts in the view; But there are times where I need to use Ajax, and there the Base URL should have the /index.dev.php part, to keep the application environment. I don't know if this last part should be in the same question, or in a new question.

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Zend_View_Helper_BaseUrl is actually a proxy to Zend_Controller_Request_Http->getBaseUrl() except it also removes the script name. –  Nick Caballero May 31 '12 at 19:55

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Since baseUrl inside a view strips the script name, appending $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] should fix it.

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