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I have this app for which I am writing automated test scripts using the UIAutomation framework that apple has provided. In my app I want to tap a button which is the child of a UIATableCell() which in turn is a child of the mainWindow() of my app. When I run the command logElementTree() the following is shown: enter image description here

I can't access this button however I try. Can anyone please help me how to access this button?

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Try this one:

    var buttonToTap = mainWindow().cells()[0].buttons()[0].tap();
    if ( buttonToTap.checkIsValid() )

If text in the cell you are trying to tap will be not changed during the application run you can try to use the object name instead of the index:

var textInCell = "You have not talked to anyone named 'Bugles'";    
var buttonToTap = mainWindow().cells()[textInCell].buttons()[textInCell].tap();
if ( buttonToTap.checkIsValid() )
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If I use mainWindow().cells() , it gives invalid element error. UIAutomation doesn't seem to recognize that the cell is a direct child of the window. However I have used mainWindow().elements()[textInCell].buttons()[textInCell].tap() which seems to work. Still it is odd and and I was wondering why UIAutomation would not recognize this? Thanks for your reply! – Farhan Ahmed Wasim Jul 9 '12 at 14:26
Based on the logElementTree screenshot you posted above - 'cell' should be there. Try to find out what type of element is it. It could be UIAutomation issue. ...logMessage( mainWindow().elements()[textInCell].toString() ); It should log something like [object UIA<objectType>] – Sh_Andrew Jul 10 '12 at 9:42

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