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Relativly new to EXTJS, I have an edit form that I want to show when the user clicks the edit button.

previously I had been doing it like this:

edit_window_xtype: 'window name',

which works perfectly, in this case I have a need to only call the form when the button is clicked and not when the user double clicks a field in my grid.(this is what edit_window_xtype: 'window name' would accomplish)

I had

btnEdit_onClick: function (btn) {
    Ext.create('window name').show();

but that doesn't work.

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can you include more code? it would be easier if you include the code for the 'window name' view and the view that the button is in –  Arun V May 31 '12 at 19:51

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It appears I have alot to learn with Extjs. Here is what I came up with, If someone has a better solution please let me know. Always looking for better ways to accomplish something. :)

btnEdit_onClick: function (btn) {
    var config = {
        xtype: 'MyWindow_Name',
        mode: 'edit',
        title: 'Edit Window',
        editId: this.id
    var win = Ext.ComponentMgr.create(config);
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When iam doing this i'm declaring my own xtype like so:

Ext.define('MyApp.view.dialog.MyEditDialog', {
    'extend' : 'Ext.window.Window',
    'alias' : 'widget.MyEditDialog',
    'autoShow' : true,//dont have to call .show()
    'title' : 'Edit',
    'items' : [{
         'xtype' : 'form',
         'bodyPadding' : 5,//my "Default"
         'flex' : 1,//scale childs to fit parent
         'defaultType' : 'textfield',//we're lazy ;-)
         'items' : [{
             'name' : 'surename',
             'fieldLabel' : 'Surename'  
          }, {
             'name' : 'lastname',
             'fieldLabel' : 'Lastname'
     'buttons' : [{
         'text' : 'Save',
         'iconCls' : 'button-save'//declared CSS Background somewhere
     }, {
         'text' : 'Cancel',
         'iconCls' : 'button-cancel',
         'handler' : function(btn){
              btn.up('window').close();//query selector is your friend ;-)

finally, saying: Ext.widget('MyEditDialog');' is enough. Have fun!

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