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I'm trying to clean up my code on save using Resharper's Cleanup Code function. I made a macro that handles DocumentSaved events. The important parts:

Private Sub DocumentEvents_DocumentSaved(ByVal document As EnvDTE.Document) _
                                         Handles DocumentEvents.DocumentSaved
End Sub

Every time I save, I get an exception message that says Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. Any ideas?

Note: I see How can I configure ReSharper's code cleanup on save? and it won't work in my situation because I need to respond to the save event. Mapping a macro to CTRL+S isn't enough.

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I think this is because when you call document.Save() it is recursing and saving again and then it falls over. Try this:

Private Sub DocumentEvents_DocumentSaved(ByVal Document As EnvDTE.Document) Handles DocumentEvents.DocumentSaved
    Static currentDocument As EnvDTE.Document

    If Not currentDocument Is Document Then
        currentDocument = Document
    End If
End Sub

This worked for me

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