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I have a few directories containing some files which are part of the Hg repository and some which are not. How do I list the files in the current directory which are part of the repository?

I know that

hg status | grep "\? Path/To/Dir/In/Repo"

gets me all the files which are not part of the repository so I could invert the regular expression, but "hg status" also takes a long time on a large repository so a solution that doesn't need that would be ideal.

Also, if possible, the solution should not need any extensions.

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You can get state of all files in the repository as it is described here. Unfortunately, I'm not a guru of shell, so you will need to make some output processing above the result of command.

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Use hg locate. (hg help locate for details...)

hg locate --include . --exclude ./*/* --fullpath will list all the tracked files in the current directory, but not any of the subdirectories. If you don't care about the full path you can exclude the --fullpath flag.

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This works for me:

hg locate --include ./*.*  
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