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Are their any common reasons as to why CAKE would throw its specific errors at me if all file paths and naming conventions were correct?

My errors are as follows:

Error: The view for UsersController::login() was not found. Error: Confirm you have created the file: /Users/bellis/workspace/cake/app/View/Users/login.ctp

This file is created, and through my terminal is I 'pwd' I get:

ss-mac-301:User bellis$ pwd /Users/bellis/workspace/cake/app/View/Users

Are their any reasons why I would be getting this error? I tried permissions but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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It's definitely either permissions or a missing file.

Missing file?

echo "Hi" > /Users/bellis/workspace/cake/app/View/Users/login.ctp

Bad permissions?

You'll probably want to make sure that your web server is able to at least read every directory between / and /Users/bellis/workspace/cake/app/View/Users/. This can be achieved with either very casual "owner, group and everyone can read" (plus list directory contents), or more fine-grained "owner and group can read, write (and list directory contents); everyone else stays out".

Your home folder /Users/bellis/ should typically not have "everyone may read" enabled (for obvious security reasons).

I recommend moving your project out to /var/www/my_project/ and setting permissions for those 3 levels of "service folders" rather than any number of "user private folders". If you like convenience, you can then make a symbolic link somewhere within your home folder: ln -s /var/www/my_project /Users/bellis/my_project

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I don't know what it was, in the end I also figured I had named something wrong..probably a syntax issue somewhere. I recreated the files...and it works now. Weird. I will mark this as correct though since it was the logical steps to check. – lockdown May 31 '12 at 22:15

Just going to post this here if any other people are having issues with this (who maybe like me are a beginner with CakePHP).

I turned out to had placed my view files within app/View/layouts/ rather then straight in app/View/, stupid mistake and sometimes hard to notice, easy to fix though.

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