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I'm trying to create a FAQ page where a question turns to red when clicked and it's answer slides down, while all the other answers slide up. So at any one time only one answer is open, and only if open it's question will be highlighted red.

This is probably quite simple to achieve but I don't have much experience with javascript... So far everything is working fine if I click on different questions, but clicking on the same question while it is open will close it and then re-open it:

window.toggle_info = $ ->
  $('.toggle-button').click ->
    $('.toggle-button').removeClass("red-reply") unless $(this).hasClass('red')

I've tried using .not('red') .not('.red') :not('red') in various ways on the $('.toggle-info').slideUp("slow") line but it's not working.

The color toggle is working fine in all cases.

Thanks for your time :)

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This part:


applies slideUp to all of the .toggle-info elements including $(this).next('.toggle-info'). So you close them all and then slideToggle the .toggle-info the follows the .toggle-button that you just clicked. The slideUp will leave all of them closed and then the slideToggle will open the .toggle-info that you just closed.

If you wanted to be able to close a panel by click the .toggle-button of an open one, then you could do this:

$next = $(this).next('.toggle-info');

The not call just removes $next from the elements that slideUp will be applied to. And if you wanted the red only on open .toggle-buttons then you could do something like this:

$next = $(this).next('.toggle-info');


I don't see anything that adds .red-reply so I've left out of the demo; presumably you have some code elsewhere that is doing things with that class.

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Thanks for your answer, I realized my mistake afterwards but wasn't adding the right code to fix it :) .red-reply was supposed to be just .red – mind.blank Jun 2 '12 at 14:04

I mess with this script for ages but of course I get the answer 5 minutes after posting here :/

I changed it to $(this).next('.toggle-info').slideToggle("slow") unless $(this).hasClass('red-reply') and it works.

Still not sure why it wouldn't work before though...

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