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I got stuck trying to get the resulting names of a pivot table. The table printed using to_string() looks as below.

I want to create a list with the names of the columns('a_Zero', 'b_Inst') I've been looking for a couple of days but I am still stuck trying to do that.

I am using pandas 0.7

        finprod              a_Zero       b_Inst
        year month                              
        2012 a_January   3146232.37  13441659.22
              b_February  3335326.18  13493656.53
              c_March     3474579.38  14436167.32
              d_April     3033910.51  14244641.16
              e_May       1403770.07   6757142.50
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You can use pivot.columns.tolist()

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Great!Thanks a lot! – Daniel Velazquez Jun 3 '12 at 17:38

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