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I would like to construct a three line break chart in R, and was wondering if there is already a package that could be used to perform the calculations required to draw the chart, or even better do both, i.e. plot and calculate.

I have tried searching on rseek.org and have also had a look at some of the financial packages. No luck so far.

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For potential responders - stator-afm.com/three-line-break.html seems to give a good description down the bottom as to what this chart actually shows. Sounds simple enough. –  thelatemail May 31 '12 at 23:33
I'm not aware of anything like this, but it would be a good addition to quantmod/TTR. –  Joshua Ulrich Jun 1 '12 at 2:16

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Not the cleanest code around, but it might be useful as a base for further developing. closeval represents some dummy closing price values.

closeval <- c(50,48,47,47,59,60,57,48,42,50)
cvlag <- c(NA,head(closeval,-1))
dset <- data.frame(closeval,cvlag)
dset <- subset(dset,closeval!=cvlag | is.na(cvlag))
dset$cvlag2 <- c(NA,NA,head(dset$closeval,-2))


dset <- dset[2:nrow(dset),]
dset$maxlag <- apply(dset[c("cvlag","cvlag2")],1,max,na.rm=TRUE)
dset$minlag <- apply(dset[c("cvlag","cvlag2")],1,min,na.rm=TRUE)

dset$change <- (dset$closeval-dset$cvlag) > 0

dset$keyval[dset$change==FALSE] <- dset$minlag[dset$change==FALSE]
dset$keyval[dset$change==TRUE] <- dset$maxlag[dset$change==TRUE]


enter image description here

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