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I get the following error when I open MAMP: http://i.imgur.com/8hqbi.png

I changed the password via the Terminal, and all seemed well. I then changed it in the three other relevant files. I then added MAMP to the PATH so the MySQL command would be recognized. It wasn't recognized still, so I rebooted, and now it 'works', yay.

But when I type mysql -p and type in my password, it says Access denied.

Why? And what does the error mean?

I should add that the start page loads fine.

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Look at the exact error you get. For me, mysql -p doesn't attempt to log me in as root; it tries to log me in with my OS username (which may not even exist as a mysql account). To test logging in as root, use mysql -u root -p . –  octern May 31 '12 at 22:41

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Figured it out, turns out you need to edit this file as well and change -proot to -pnewpassword.

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