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RichTextBox C#

When i do a comparison

if RichTextBox.Lines.Count() > 2

//Do Something

For some reason i get these data stored in rich text box, while i am working on restricting that i need to validate for the screwed up data

 [0] - "East coast road"
 [1]- "New York"
 [2] -""

This returns count as 3 where in there should be only 2, how do i eliminate that white space next line?

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You could try to trim the text before doing your comparison

RichTextBox.Text = RichTextBox.Text.Trim()

Trim removes all white-space characters from the start and end of the string
and the newline is considered a white-space
See refs from MSDN

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if RichTextBox.Lines.Count() > 2

3 > 2 is true

You can iterate and delete on string.isnullorempty

Empty is still a string to you need to delete it or build in logic to not count it

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