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I want my items to appear in declaration order instead on alphabetical order. Is it possible to disable sorting in PropertyGrid?

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The reflection API cannot guarantee anything relating to declaration order: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/kyaxdd3x.aspx - "The GetProperties method does not return properties in a particular order, such as alphabetical or declaration order. Your code must not depend on the order in which properties are returned, because that order varies." –  Marc Gravell May 31 '12 at 22:29
@MarcGravell I use custom type descriptor and I build manually PropertyDescriptorCollection. I need them to be displayed in this particular order. –  ellen6a May 31 '12 at 22:33
k - I thought by "declaration order" you meant code declaration order; if you are using a custom descriptor setup you should be fine –  Marc Gravell May 31 '12 at 22:43

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Use the PropertySort Enumeration.
Set it to NoSort.
Check this link for details

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