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I am trying to use a relative path locally on a Mac OSX lion using require_once:


And it throws an error every time:

PHP Warning: require_once(../../folder/file.php5): failed to open stream: 
No such file or directory in - on line 6 PHP Fatal error: require_once(): 
Failed opening required '../../folder/file.php5' (include_path='.:') in - on line 6

The file and folder structure is exactly the same as the Web host and it works there with out issue.


The other odd thing is I can only get the PHP error via previewing via my code editor CODA. If I load the same URL in my browser, it outputs the body of the PHP5 file as you would see it in plain text.

What causes the above Failure?

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The error output says that your include_path is .:. I doubt it's the problem, but have you tried setting it to just .? Or putting another path after the colon? (etc, .:/some/other/path)

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I did try that, I never got it work. Installed MAMP and it worked. –  uber_n00b Jul 26 '12 at 15:11
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