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I want to install Hive on my Ubuntu.I read this Article,that help me so much.I did all of steps except step 4.I didn't understand exactly what should in this step do.

could you please explain me this step in detail ?

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Does step #3 went without hitch? Upto step 3 you are downloading the binaries from SVN to your machine and step 4 is setting the binaries with your Hadoop Environment.

Step 4 suggests you the following:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/src/hive/build/dist/bin/

-> Means you are adding directory /usr/src/hive/build/dist/bin/ in your PATH environment. You must have installed hive in this folder -> /usr/src/hive/build/dist/bin/ so adding this folder (actually Hive Binaries) in your path will let you run Hive in your machine.

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/src/hive/build/dist/lib/

-> Means you are adding directory /usr/src/hive/build/dist/lib/ in your PATH environment. When you have installed Hive on your machine, Hive related libraries are located in this folder > /usr/src/hive/build/dist/lib/ so adding this directory to your PATH, will help Hive to run successfully.

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/hadoop/bin

-> If you already have Hadoop running in your machine, this should already set otherwise this command is just setting Hadoop Binary folder in your machine path.

If you dont know what is PATH, just look for "PATH in Linux" at internet.

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Thank you for your answer .I have installed my Hive in this PathDownloads/hive/ then I should change export command path.did I get correctly? –  Baper Jun 1 '12 at 8:46
Are you sure? I don't think you have installed instead i think you have just download it. Installation is mostly done at /usr/* location so i am not sure. IF u just try to find hive binary at /downloads/hive/ and if found, you sure can add this folder as /downloads/hive/build/dist/bin in your path. –  AvkashChauhan Jun 1 '12 at 17:31
Thank you Avkash :) to be honest I changed th PATH commands and change it to /home/babak/Downloads/hive/build/dist/bin .and then I get an java error like this**/home/babak/Downloads/hadoop/bin/../bin hadoop: row 258:/usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/bin/java: file or Folder not found** Hive binary? what is it? –  Baper Jun 1 '12 at 20:39
It seems your path are not correct.. you really need to understand that all the binaries (libs & bin) must be in path to get working.. –  AvkashChauhan Jun 1 '12 at 20:57
that means I should not change the Path ? –  Baper Jun 1 '12 at 21:01

Step 1 : Download and Extract Hadoop

Step 2 : Set JAVA_HOME path to conf/hadoop-env.sh //This step is to set java path for hadoop

Step 3 : conf/core-site.xml:

    <name>fs.default.name</name>  //Place your home folder here for using hadoop 

Step 4 : conf/hdfs-site.xml:

<configuration>          //This setting for the number of replications of the file or you can add data node for the save the file

Step 5 : conf/mapred-site.xml:

    <value>localhost:9001</value>        // add your master host in the place of localhost here

Step 6 : Login SSH localhost and Format a new distributed-filesystem

bin/hadoop namenode -format

Step 7 : Start the hadoop daemons:


Step 8 : Check the NameNode & JobTracker below port

http://localhost:50070/       //master
http://localhost:50030/       //slave  

// Its is also better to try the ssh for check your working nodes

Step 9 : Download and Extract Hive

Step 10 : Set below Env variables.

export HADOOP_HOME=<hadoop-install-dir>
export HIVE_HOME=<hive-install-dir>
export PATH=$HIVE_HOME/bin:$PATH
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This PPA makes it pretty easy to install Hive on Ubuntu.

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