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I have some negative values coming back from a query. I would like them to just be zero. How do I write a condition in my sql query that returns zero if the value is below a certain value.


CASE WHEN  CONVERT(float,dt.FQI53X02_101)  <  1.3  THEN 0 ELSE CONVERT(float,dt.FQI53X02_101) END AS  FQI53X02_101
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You dont use If-Then-Else in the actual query (you can use them but thats something else)...

What you use is a Case statement... Try this

    Case When [Value] < 0 Then 0 Else [Value] End
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my variation of your sugestion is: "select dt.* , Case FQI53X02_101 When < 1.3 Then 0 Else FQI53X02_101 End as hhh from" I get an error back on the less-than operator...not suer why – Brad Jul 5 '09 at 15:23
Okay I got it "CASE WHEN CONVERT(float,dt.FQI53X02_101) < 1.3 THEN 0 ELSE CONVERT(float,dt.FQI53X02_101) END AS FQI53X02_101" – Brad Jul 5 '09 at 15:28

If you want it as part of your query, wrap the return inside a CASE statement. Example from MSDN is below

SELECT     'Price Category' = 


            WHEN price IS NULL THEN 'Not yet priced'

            WHEN price < 10 THEN 'Very Reasonable Title'

            WHEN price >= 10 and price < 20 THEN 'Coffee Table Title'

            ELSE 'Expensive book!'


    CAST(title AS varchar(20)) AS 'Shortened Title'

FROM titles

ORDER BY price
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( ABS(Value) + Value ) / 2

edit - this doesn't work now the question has changed

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Nice one. +1 (rubbish to get 15 chars) – Burkhard Jul 5 '09 at 15:25

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