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I have a model with contains a get_slug definition:

def Specimen(models.Model):
    def get_slug(self):
        return '%s/%s-%d' % (slugify(self.longname),self.collection.collection_code, self.accessionnumber) 

In my view I want to do this:

 def show_detail(request):
    specimens = Specimen.objects.filter(...)
    specimen_data = []
    for s in specimens:
        specimen_tuple = (str(s.get_slug), format(s.latdecimal), format(s.longdecimal))

    context['specimen_data'] = simplejson.dumps(specimen_data)

But when I try to do something with the slug in js (though I have the same result in the shell) I find something like <bound method Specimen.get_slug of <Specimen: Specimen object>> instead of my slug.

How can I force the method to be evaluated prior to passing to JSON?

Any help much appreciated.

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Try replacing s.get_slug with s.get_slug() so that you actually call your method.

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Prefect. Thanks! –  Darwin Tech May 31 '12 at 23:25

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