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I have a very weird problem with number_with_precision() and number_to_currency().

In my application, they both raise an comparison of String with 0 failed if i do not set :precision

But when i try the very same functions in irb, everything is fine :

1.9.3p0 :058 > helper.number_with_precision(12)
 => "12.000" 
1.9.3p0 :059 > helper.number_to_currency(12)
 => "12.00 €" 

I looked in to my Gemfile, guessing it could be coming from one of my Gem, but i did not find anything.

I have the strange sensation that something is overriding number_with_delimiter(), causing this error, but i can't find out what.

FYI, i use Rails 3.2.1 and ruby 1.9.1, and here is my Gemfile: https://gist.github.com/2847099

Thank you per advance.

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Do you have any localized defaults that would be different in your app and irb? –  mu is too short Jun 1 '12 at 0:11
Thank you! I found out there was a typo in my locales and everything went OK! –  AkyRhO Jun 2 '12 at 8:41

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