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i was wondering how someone can pass hidden fields in a link_to performing a delete request. i have..

<%= link_to "delete", feed_item,     method: :delete,
                                     confirm: "You sure?",
                                     title: feed_item.content,
                                     user_id: user_id %>
<% end %>

ive been trying to pass user_id into my controller's destroy action but it cant seem to find params[:user_id]

it seems like its possible to pass hidden values when the method is a :post, but how can i do so in a :delete?

i essentially just want the user_id in my destroy action, so it can redirect back to the users profile page.

thank you

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The proper way would be to either put feed_item under user resource or user current_user method in the controller

if you decide to put it under user resource the modify your routes file as

resources :users do
  resources feed_items, :only=>[:destroy]

and than in your link to delete change the path to user_feed_item_path

Alternatively if you have current_user method from using any sort of authentication solution you can just use that in your redirect path

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oh i wasn't using a direct object, but seeing your line of code gave me an idea of how to solve it! thanks! i just did redirect_to user_path(@pub_message.to_id) @pub_message was already available, so i got the id from that instead. thanks! –  Sasha Jun 1 '12 at 6:32

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