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I'm trying to have forms accept decimals with a different decimal separator but it doesn't seem to be working.

I have USE_L10N = True in settings and localize=True in my form field but it only accepts periods on both machines I'm testing (should accept commas in my secondary machine)

Is there something I am missing?

I am using Windows and I haven't done anything in regards to generating translation files/locale folders.

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It works for me with this form:

class InvoiceItemForm(forms.ModelForm):
    price = forms.CharField(max_length=10, min_length=1, localize=True)
    quantity = forms.CharField(max_length=10, min_length=1, localize=True)

Also on settings:

USE_I18N = True
USE_L10N = True

And check the "Accept-Language" that your browser is sending to the server. Mine is "en-us,en;q=0.8,es-es;q=0.5,es;q=0.3" and shows format in "en".

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