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I want to insert to a table from a select statement, however, there are 3 columns returned from the select statement and the table has 4 columns, I would like to add 0 for all rows in the extra column. Can anyone give me a sample SQL query for that?

Thank you!

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Just add in the '0' in your select.

INSERT INTO table_name (a,b,c,d)
       other_table.a AS a,
       other_table.b AS b,
       other_table.c AS c,
       '0' AS d
    FROM other_table
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+1 for a complete example, but includes more stuff than I would normally use. I would not have () around the select statement and would not alias the column names. I would leave the zero unquoted if the target column had a numeric type, quoting only if the target column had a character datatype. –  Shannon Severance Jun 1 '12 at 3:02

Put 0 as default in SQL or add 0 into your area of table

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just select '0' as the value for the desired column

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