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So i want to create:

select * from Post where Post.is_chosen = true order_by create_date

and i want this to occur in the (that is, not have to define anything, just stick it in the ListView parameters)

How do i do this?

I currently have:

    queryset=Post.objects.get(is_chosen = True).order_by('-pub_date')[:20],

but this has an error - i cannot call order_by on the return object of the "get" This makes sense, but how can i do what i want?

I am open to calling the command from a defined function if it is impossible to do in the url definition!

UPDATE: ARGH I am an idiot.

"get" only returns one item, so of course "order_by" won't work on it. I use filter instead now!

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Like the docs say, use .filter() instead.

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