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I designed a form in Qt Creator. I have three controls.

  • Group Box (the bottom control)
  • Widget (the middle control)
  • Label (the upper most control)

I show/play the frames of the video on the Label (may be it is not a proper way but I am new to Qt so for the time being it works for me).

My controls are of fixed size.

My question is that How can I resize the video according to my controls (i.e widget or Label)? I want all the videos to play with the same size as my widget or my label, (both of them have the same size).

To make it clearer, I have two snapshots of my program.

I want the second video (the smaller one ) to play with the same one as the first one. Or if the video is larger than the Widget it must be shrinked to the size of the Label, Kind of a streching and shrinking or something else.

You can see the border of my widget in both the videos.

Any solution will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

The first video (normal one)

This is the 2nd video (small in size)

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please put some code. –  spyke Jun 1 '12 at 3:39

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myLabel.setScaledContents(true) should do it.

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cbamber85 thanks for your answer :) –  Ruhi Akaboy Jun 1 '12 at 14:58

I found the problem in my code. I was unknowingly resizing the label which I shouldn't have to do that. After removing that line of code I solved my problem.

My code is as follows:

 std::string fileName = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this,tr("Open Video"), ".",tr("Video Files (*.mp4 *.avi)")).toStdString();

 cv::VideoCapture capture(fileName);

 if (!capture.isOpened())
     QMessageBox msgBox;
     msgBox.setText("The video was not loaded!");

 Mat cur_frame, pre_frame; // current video frame


 cv::Mat out(imgsize.rows,imgsize.cols,CV_8SC1);
 cv::Mat out2(imgsize.rows,imgsize.cols,CV_8SC1);

     Mat cur_frame_gray(imgsize.rows,imgsize.cols,CV_8SC1);

if (!paused) {
         // read next frame if any
         if (!capture.read(cur_frame)) break;



         //read second frame if any
         if(!capture.read(pre_frame)) break;


         Mat resizedframe1,resizedframe2,resizedframe3,resizedframe4; // to contain resized image


        // here I am dividing the rows and columns of the frames by 2 to make them smaller. 

         IplImage  myFrame=resizedframe4;

        Mat matFrame=&myFrame;

         QImage img1= QImage((const unsigned char*)(resizedframe1.data),resizedframe1.cols,resizedframe1.rows,QImage::Format_RGB888);

         //display on label
         //the label stretches and shrinks according to the frame of the video.


// resize the label to fit the image
         // The problem was here, I was resizing the label but I shouldn't have to do it.
         // by removing the following line of code, my problem was solved :)




         // Close the video file

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