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So very simply. I used clip : rect in my css, but I DON'T want to use it for ie8. IE8 has its own stylesheet, but I can't figure out how to undo clip:rect. Any ideas?

What I've tried:

Normal style sheet

    clip : rect(0 30px 255px 30px);

IE style sheet

    clip : none;
    clip : rect(0 1000px 1000px 1000px);

Those two are all I can think of a neither makes it as if clip:rect was never called.

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Set the right and bottom to the actual dimensions of the absolute element and the other two to zero. Assuming a 400px x 400px size, then...

clip: rect(0 400p 400px 0);

...sets the clip to the top left and bottom right corners, which is essentially no clip.

Update you also might try...

clip: auto;

...since that is apparently the default value.

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Use a conditional-reveal comment to apply the clip style to all but IE8:

<!--[if !IE 8]>--><style>#thing {clip: rect(0 30px 255px 30px);}</style><!--<![endif]-->
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