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How can I prevent a cross domain jQuery getJSON request from encoding the callback question mark:

$.getJSON(searchResultsURL, {
        token: jSONAPItoken,
    }, function(data){

ends up sending a request: http://xxx.com/xxx?token=tokenxxx&callback=%3F

Where it is encoding the '?' to '%3f'. How can I prevent this?

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You're mis-using getJSON.

$.getJSON requires that the callback parameter be in the URL, not the data argument.

You need to add ?callback=? to the URL string; jQuery will then replace the ? with an auto-generated callback function name.

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Boom. Thank you. – Fraser Jun 1 '12 at 5:54

? is not a valid character in a query string, and MUST be encoded. However, the server decodes it before passing it to your server side (so for example in PHP $_GET['callback'] will be equal to ?)

You shouldn't be concerned about this because it's just a silent operation to format your URL so it will actually work.

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You're misunderstanding the issue. – SLaks Jun 1 '12 at 3:08

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