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I have a large amount of data where the delimiter is a backslash. I'm processing it in R and I'm having a hard time finding how to split the string since the backslash is a metacharacter. For example, a string would look like this:


and I want to split it along the \ character, but when I run the strsplit command:

strsplit(tempStr, "\\")
Error in strsplit(tempStr, "\\") : 
  invalid regular expression '\', reason 'Trailing backslash'

When I try to used the "fixed" option, it does not run because it is expecting something after the backslash:

strsplit(tempStr, "\", fixed = TRUE)

Unfortunately, I can't preprocess the data with another program because the data is generated daily.

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Your line of code is (though you don't say it explicitly):

strsplit(tempStr, "\\")

and should be

strsplit(tempStr, "\\\\")

This will be read as "\\", which the regular expression will understand as a "\".

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unfortunately this is not working... I just get the same string back. Any other ideas? Thanks. –  newRUser Jun 8 '12 at 2:10
Could you please provide a self-contained example (that is, get it into R code so we can run it?) –  David Robinson Jun 8 '12 at 3:24

I suspect that your data is in a file of some sort. If this is the case, then use read.table but specify the delimiter explicitly. For example, suppose your file was:


then to read this into R, use the command:

read.table("file.txt", sep="\\")
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