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I have an XElement which has content like this.

<Response xmlns="someurl" xmlnsLi="thew3url">
      //More Manufacturer Elements like above here

How will i read the Value inside Status element ?

I tried XElement stats = myXel.Descendants("Status").SingleOrDefault(); But that is returning null.

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XElement response = XElement.Load("file.xml"); // XElement.Parse(stringWithXmlGoesHere)
XNamespace df = response.Name.Namespace;
XElement status = response.Element(df + "Status");

should suffice to access the Status child element. If you want the value of that element as a string then do e.g.

string status = (string)response.Element(df + "Status");
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If myXel already is the Response XElement then it would be:

var status = myXel.Elements().Where(e => e.Name.LocalName == "Status").Single().Value;

You need to use the LocalName to ignore namespaces.

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